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Annual Smoke Alarm Service

1300 Compliance Services was established in 2010, leading the way in the annual servicing and maintenance of smoke alarms in residential rental properties within Australia.

Our smoke alarm service provides total peace of mind to real estate agents and landlords by limiting the risk of any claims being made against you. Our experience staff and technicians provide a cost effective, personal and responsive service to our loyal and valued customers.

Annual smoke alarm maintenance service includes:

  • The detailed certificate detailing that the property is compliant with current smoke alarm legislation.
  • Includes smoke alarm positioning according to the Building Code of Australia and compliance with the Australian Standards AS 3786-1993 and state legislations
  • Cleaning of alarms from debris and dust
  • Battery replacement if below acceptable level
  • Replacement of faulty, expired or missing smoke alarms
  • Installation of new smoke alarms
  • Service date stickers on the outside of smoke alarms (to allow occupants and property managers to easily identify the last service date without climbing a ladder)
  • Information cards are left for occupants on the completion of the smoke alarm service
  • Photos of each smoke alarm showing the location and expiry date

Qualifications & Safety

  • We guarantee each job will be completed in compliance with the Australian Standards AS 3786-1993 and the Building Code of Australia and all state standards.
  • All technicians are fully trained, including practical training in the field, in our training facility and theoretical training in the office.
  • 1300 Compliance Services maintain current third party public liability insurance for the sum of twenty million dollars ($20,000,000.00) and professional indemnity insurance with a limit of indemnity of one million dollars ($5,000,000.00).

Agent Online Portal

  • The Online Portal is your gateway to our online compliance services. It provides easy and convenient access 24/7 to information and allows you to conduct your compliance online. You will be emailed your registration details and can start using it immediately

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